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Dunns Ecopark is a nature-based camping facility that offers an alternative to beachside camping, nestled amongst established blue gum trees, and surrounded by near-pristine bushland and wetlands. 

 Dunns is located within Robin Downs farm, situated approximately 40 km to the east of Esperance and adjoins the internationally acclaimed Cape Le Grand National Park. 


Welcome to Dunns Ecopark


Dunns provides 20 unpowered camp sites amongst established bluegum trees that offer great shade and shelter from the elements.


A camp kitchen, barbeque, picnic area, firepit and toilets are provided for our guests.


Dunns Ecopark combines a rural setting, parklands of partially cleared blue-gum forests and natural areas of wetlands and bushlands.  the combination of these elements provides an abundance of native animals, birds and wildflowers for visitors to enjoy.  


Dunns Ecopark is located on the edge of the internationally acclaimed Cape Le Grand National Park.  Dunns Rock Beach is a short drive away.

If you have recently returned from Indonesia, please do not visit our farm for a month after returning due to the increased risks for Foot & Mouth Disease.  Foot & Mouth Disease is a major Biosecurity risk to Australian farmers. 

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